Saturday, May 30, 2009


In 2006 Groat became involved the Internet phenomenon called "A Painting A Day" which originated in the United States and emerged on a global scale in 2004 through the confluence of various cutting-edge cyber elements, including free public auction sites, blogs, video sites, pod casting, and message boards. The initial model has evolved into a global view of fine art painting, nurtured by the Internet's public domain status and free from the influence of traditional institutions. There exists a renewed sense of ethos among artists internationally. Artists that have been historically oppressed geographically and socially are now being liberated through their ability to both communicate with, and impact society on a global scale. Through the public domain of the Internet, artists are now working autonomously and also functioning as art educators, curators, art dealers, critics and historians. The Internet has democratized these 20th century occupations.

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